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I'm a disabled veteran who is married with three children and is advocating on behalf of the little guy (you, me, and all of the other regular folks we know) against arrogant and greedy giants - new homebuilders and their spawn. I began this effort January 2005 with two blogs: NewHomeBuildersNewsBlog and ExposingNewHomeBuilders; both of which are hosted here at TypePad. I am currently in the R&D stage of a podcast that will combine elements of my two blogs and effectively give the average guy/gal a voice when it comes to dealing with developers, home builders, contractors, and everything else down their fat and mired food chain. Everything I have done to date was newly learned by me just prior to the last quarter of 2004 when I had had enough of being worked over by my new home builder Ryland Homes (I knew nothing about home builders, blogs, or blogging and the same is true now for podcasting). I guess you could say that Gerry Boeneman, then Regional Vise-President of Operations for Ryland Homes and Ryland Homes themselves, have helped bring my blogs and the soon to be podcast upon their wayward industry as well as to potential home buyers and homeowners everywhere. Way to go Gerry(Builder)! And no, that isn't my picture; it merely depicts the stance that must be taken when dealing with the New Home Building labyrinth! Viva la Revolution!


God, Freedom, Justice, The American Dream (for everyone; not just the privileged), Equality, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Continual Education, Getting Mine & Helping You Get Yours!